Welcome to GetMeri

Welcome to Merriment at Its Peak!

Each time a benevolence is triggered, merriment is birthed. With a dose of merriment, a soul is lightened. And when we all choose to be grateful for every benefaction, the world is secured in endless Merriment. Isn’t that enough change catalyst to get rid of what’s left of ingratitude?

Just so You Know…

With every great feat you achieved came one or two people that made it happen.

  • You had an accident-free day? You have many drivers to thank for that.
  • Your business keeps booming? You should know there is no great business without customers.
  • You ate poison-free food? Some people deserve an applause.

If some events make your face glow in smile and feel your heart with an undiluted merriment, there are people who made them happen.

When you wake up every day to go about your business, you are glad things work as planned sometimes, and at other times, sadness take you unaware. What if the differing factor is the fact that some people made it possible for you to achieve your daily goals?

Won’t you feel like saying thanks to them all?

Ideally, you can’t thank everyone for their good deeds but some people deserve your heart of gratitude.

And when you have decided to pay these people back in their own gratitude coin, GetMeri comes in.

So what would you want to do this moment? Choose a category below and be glad you came!