GetMeri Nominations is set up to give honour to whom honour is due. With your help, we know we can reach as many of these iconic people as possible.

Why Nominations?

Undoubtedly, there are lot of people out there whose contributions have helped in sustaining this world. They are pillars upon which the strength of this world rests.

No matter how much these people give, there isn’t much accolades that match the effort they have put in.

Obviously, we don’t have all it takes to give all the appreciations such people deserve; however, we are planning to add another layer of gratitude to their contributions toward giving a better opportunity to live, for as many as possible.

Who Qualifies for This?

To start with, this nomination isn’t just about a clan, social class or special character. We tend to target those whose selfless services have helped humanity as a whole.

If you have a friend that gave you another reason to smile or move on in life, or someone whose constant motivation helps you on your path to success, such qualifies.

More so, your family member or lover qualifies for the nomination.

How to Make this Happen?

If You know any of such awesome people, kindly contact us on WhatsApp and we’ll be a step ahead in wowing them.

You Can Click Here to Chat Us Up on WhatsApp or save the number below to chat us up.

WhatsApp: +2348167351569


– The GetMeri Team.

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