Oluchi Aloysius

Face of Merriment: Oluchi Aloysius

I made it through secondary school because you fought through with me, helping and encouraging me, Oluchi Aloysius.

As a best friend and soul sister that you are, till today, you’re the one person I totally trust with anything. Oluchi is that one friend that is as happy as I am when something good happens to me.

Before the whole world today, I thank you… but I’m afraid that appreciation is never enough.

Oluchi, I don’t imagine not having you in my life!

As a reminder,

All those dreams, where we imagined our kids taking our homes as theirs, growing together as friends, partnering together in our projects, and being each others prayer warrior, I haven’t forgotten any. I want all of that and more to materialise.

You want to hear something more?

I love you, love you, love you. Mwah!

Yours Oluchily,
– Sharon Igwemeziri.

Enters… GetMeri.

Oluchi, we’ve heard of your amazing personality. We’ve been told of your endless effort to being trustworthy.

And we know, you can’t just be as sweet as this to just one person.

Your profession as a Nurse is a pointer to how you’ve nursed people’s hearts to unspeakable astonishment.

So, on behalf of everyone you deserve gratitude from, and on behalf of all Nigerians, we’re removing headdresses to honour your contribution to making this world a better place.

We celebrate you. And, of course, we love you.

Keep doing Aloysiusly Oluchious!

Yours In Merriment,
– The GetMeri Team.

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