Face of Merriment: Mrs Patricia Uwagboe

Mrs Patricia is My Bosom friend. She’s been there for me for more than 13 years, most especially when I was pregnant with my child.

Her love and care gave me the strength I needed.

Sister, Thank you for being a friend turned sister and also for being a part of my success story. I never wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Indeed, you are God sent and that’s why I call u TLuv.

I pray…

As God clothes the lilies and feed the birds of the air, your sustenance shall be ordered by God.

Let the testimony you have received from me be a seed for You!

Your husband shall call you blessed!

Your family shall call you blessed!

Blessed shall you be wherever you turn…

“I Am Favoured” shall be your daily song.

Happy Birthday to You, dear friend turned sister.

I Love you.

Osas Igbinomwanhia.

And from all of us at GetMeri, we wish to appreciate you, Mrs Patricia Uwagboe, for your selflessness for the past 13 years.

Thank you for being a part of the solution the world needs. We stand in awe of your friendship!

We love you.

Yours in Merriment,
– The GetMeri Team.

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  1. “This woman you will never cease to amaze me. Oh what a friend you are to me. You have made this day a memorable one for me. I’m deeply grateful to you for being a friend indeed even when other friends faded away. I love you for being you. Thanks “

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