Icon of Merriment: Mr Asoropa Tewogbade

Mr Asoropa Tewogbade is one of the many helpers in this my life.

I was working as a cleaner for his neighbor at the quarters for a very meager amount, when he found out I was an orphan and a student at the University but still doing such a job, he was compelled to help me.

He told me to just help him sweep his house twice a week and he paid me over 8 times the amount his neighbor paid. Honestly he wasn’t paying for the cleaning he was just helping me because what he gave was way more than the cleaning I did for his household.

If only he knew what those monies did in my life. I am eternally grateful to him, it’s not every day a disadvantaged young girl meets a man who wants to help without taking advantage of her.

Today I remember this good and I am eternally grateful.

– Oluwaseun Josephine.

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