Duru Lexan

Face of Merriment: Duru Lexan

My name is Jay Henry and it’s a great honour to tell the world about a special breed that you are, Duru Lexan.

For being a very close friend who deeply understands and cares not minding the difficult type of person that I am…

For always seeing the world from a bright perspective even when everything doesn’t seem alright…

For always putting a smile on my face and seeing something good to laugh at even at the most difficult moments….

I appreciate you with the whole of my being. And thank you for being Duruly Lexan!

Dear Lexan, your school Daddy is so proud of you for the type of lady you’ve grown into and may the good lord bless you abundantly. May He grant you your heart desires. May anything you lay your hands on be a source of blessing to you and those you’re connected to. May you shine bright and be a source of light to your generation.

May people look at you and see the glory of God and His handiwork emanating from all angles of your life.

May the good Lord crown all these blessings with long life and prosperity. May you live to celebrate more birthdays in Jesus name.

Just so you know, you are such a nice girl. So loving and caring and my life has been touched deeply and transformed just because I got to know you.

On this note, may God bless the day I met you and may He bless you also.

Yours Lexanly,
– Jay Henry.

Here is More…

Duru Lexan, we’re pleased to announce your selflessness to the world.

Thanks for your contribution to making the world a better ecosystem.

We will always remember 10th of September to celebrate your birthday.

Happier birthday to you from all of us at GetMeri.com.

– The GetMeri Team.

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